2400 - 2301 BC

Pieces of art and objects of historic interest for the period 2400 BC - 2301 BC

are listed in this section.

Sargon, the king of Kish, won 34 battles, he destroyed the ramparts to the seashore."

He moored the boats of Meluhha (India), the boats of Magan (Oman) (and) boats of Tilmun

(Bahrain) Sargon, the king, prostrated himself in prayer to Tuttul (city of Syria) in

front of Dagan (Dagan) gave him the higher country: Mari, Yarmuti, Ebla, to the Cedar

Forest (Lebanon ) and the Monts d'Argent Sargon, the king to whom Enlil gave no rival:

5400 soldiers took their meals every day before him."

Tablet of clay on Sargon of Akkad
2400 - 2301 BC

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